• King Tut: The journey through the underworld

Buried in the 14th century BC but unearthed by Howard Carter in 1922, the objects entombed with Tutankhamun are an invaluable window into a long-extinct belief system. Seen today, they create an intricate picture of how the ancient Egyptian people viewed the perilous journey to paradise, a utopian Egypt that could only be entered following the final judgment.When acclaimed photographer Sandro Vannini started his work in Egypt in the late ''''90s, a technological revolution was about to unfold.

Código: L999-9783836584234
Código de barras: 9783836584234
Peso (kg): 1,470
Altura (cm): 22,00
Largura (cm): 16,00
Espessura (cm): 4,00
Autor Sandro Vannini
Editora Taschen
Encadernação CAPA DURA
Páginas 512

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King Tut: The journey through the underworld