• StarFinder for Beginners

What do you see when you look up into the sky? Learn about constellations, their forms, shapes, and stories.

Little stargazers will enjoy paging through this astronomy book! Learn about the different groups of stars in the Northern Hemisphere. This guide to star-spotting (and planet spotting) is perfect if you want to name what you see in the night''''s sky.

StarFinder for Beginners is packed with high-quality imagery, maps of constellations, and tips to spot stars and patterns. You''''ll find:

- A glow-in-the-dark night-sky viewer included with the book
- How to follow pathfinder stars to locate constellations
- Crystal clear visuals and easy-to-read maps
- Fact panels that explain constellations and other fascinating space science
- The final spread of each chapter shows all the stars in the sky with constellations unmarked so that readers can practice star-hopping
- Profile''''s of galaxies and nebulae in the night sky

Discover the pictures of the night sky in this fascinating book of constellations for kids! The innovative step-by-step approach to learning the key features of the night sky and compelling, modern, easy-to-understand graphic style makes for the beginning of a keen interest in astronomy.

Children can look for doing more than stargazing! This guide to stars also covers planets, spotting nebulas, the milky way, shooting stars and more. Join the thousands of astronomers that came before in the search for mind-blowing patterns in the sky.

Código: L999-9780241286838
Código de barras: 9780241286838
Peso (kg): 0,604
Altura (cm): 28,10
Largura (cm): 22,50
Espessura (cm): 1,00
Autor Aderin-Pocock Maggie
Editora DK - Children (UK)
Encadernação BROCHURA
Páginas 128
Ano de edição 2021

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StarFinder for Beginners