• The Enigma Of Compostela

On the Way to Santiago de Compostela, a series of mysterious crimes harkens us back to the past and raises anguishing questions: the papal Christianity corresponds to the true Christendom or is it only that of the strongest sect to win the fight? Why the Merovingian Dynasty, that claimed to descend from Jesus Christ, was so unmercifully harassed? Why the popes ordered the Cathari to be massacred? What terrible secret resulted into the defeat and death of the Knights Templar? And, after all, what the Way to Santiago has to do with all that? Never hurting History nor assaulting verisimilitude, A. J. Barros comes down from the Roman Empire and the beginnings of Christendom to the present-day times of cell phones and Internet on a stunning speed while drawing a suspenseful, disturbing story whose read we can never stop. After launching successfully his book, "O Conceito Zero" [The Zero Concept], A. J. Barros is now consecrated among the best suspense writers.

Código: L999-9786556470313
Código de barras: 9786556470313
Peso (kg): 0,800
Altura (cm): 22,00
Largura (cm): 15,60
Espessura (cm): 3,00
Autor A.J Barros
Editora Geração Editorial
Encadernação BROCHURA
Páginas 536
Ano de edição 2021

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The Enigma Of Compostela