• Where is Pip?

We can´t find Pip! Where is he? A speech- and vocabulary-focused approach for richer guided reading! With its unique approach, the Talk About Texts collection integrates teaching reading skills, vocabulary and speaking into a rich and effective program that will help you save time and get better results. Talk About Texts features integrate a series of strategies to teach the four elements of conversation through guided reading sessions: listening and responding, building vocabulary, having conversations fluent and questioning. Both reading vocabulary and speaking vocabulary are vigorously taught and practiced. during guided reading sessions, using a variety of strategies, including focused questions, answer boards and the use of flashcards. Talk About Texts´ spoken approach also provides the perfect opportunity to prepare students to write with opportunities for oral essays followed by quick post-reading activities.

Código: L999-9781420239973
Código de barras: 9781420239973
Peso (kg): 0,210
Altura (cm): 19,00
Largura (cm): 17,00
Espessura (cm): 1,00
Autor Gabriel Marie
Editora Macmillan Education
Encadernação BROCHURA
Páginas 32
Ano de edição 2018

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Where is Pip?